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What My Clients are Saying

Grazia’s tours are so well researched, informative and very engaging! I always leave with new information and facts that I don’t think I would ever come across if left to research it on my own. I enjoy every moment and look forward to each new tour she posts.

Kari Kapolka 

Se provate i tours sia virtuali che non con Mariagrazia li farete, li rifarete e vi ri-affiderete come ho fatto io!

Claudia Sansalone

The Enchanting Journeys Tours conducted by Maria-Grazia Bravi are exceptional! She is a warm, friendly person who is so knowledgeable and passionate about her travel locations, she infuses her travelers to feel the same way.
I have been fortunate enough to travel with her - including twelve virtual tours in 2020-21 and her presentations and variety of locations keep me inspired to continue travelling when it’s possible again.
So reasonably priced, so informative, Maria- Grazia keeps us connected to the world, with history, culture , food and our global neighbours.
Thoroughly recommend Enchanting Journeys Tours 

Cathryn Smith

Thank you very much Maria-Grazia for each and every tour of yours I have taken and invited friends and family to join. You have become a dear friend.
I have enjoyed your knowledge of each area, its historical background and how it relates to Biblical facts. It is evident of the many hours you have spent in preparation, researching and developing the presentation with photos, maps, videos; many past and present. 
You have provided a Zoom experience to all of us “Armchair tourists” that makes us look forward to our next booking. Not only are we entertained, but we learn new tidbits of knowledge. 
Your friendly manner and warm personality is evidence of your many years of tour guide experience...some on the tours have experienced land tours with you in the past as I can hear from their comments.  
Grazie molto! Ro, Florida, USA

Rosary Cameron

Ciao a tutti, ho partecipato al tour di Mgrazia su Gerusalemme la città di Davide, è stato bellissimo perché ho imparato varie cose di cui non ero a conoscenza ! Mgrazia è molto brava a spiegare perché ci mette passione in questo lavoro e le cose imparate restano dentro! Consiglio vivamente questi tour !

Anna Carpenedo

I have toured with enchanting journeys several times. Grazia is not only insightful and very experienced,  but also a lot of fun to spend time with. By the end of our 1st day of touring we were good friends and throughout the years we have toured, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre. We always have an amazing time and can't wait to tour with our friend. I recommend her to everyone, whether you are a 1st time visitor or an experienced traveler you will definitely learn something new.

Sylvia Pietri

“I just love Maria Grazia’s virtual tours…it makes me feel as though I am actually travelling even though it is armchair travelling! So nice to learn something new about a place that I would like to someday visit.
I learned a great deal about Israel, which makes Bible reading come alive!
I am now so completely enthralled with Israel;  so grateful to have learned so much”

Leah Pakosh

"Taking a tour with Maria Grazia means knowing, exploring, savoring the beauty of the modern world and connecting it with the ancient world, making it come alive. It means making clear those biblical passages that we have always read perhaps seeing them a bit far away, but which instead needed to a narrator who would open the curtain ".

Giuseppe Reitano


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